Has Your Business Taken Advantage Of the Cloud?

If you have a computer in your office you’re likely aware of the importance of backing up your data. If your equipment fails and you don’t have a spare copy of your important information then you might lose that data forever. A backup solution is important to have. But say you have a local backup hard drive, and something (such as a power outage or surge) causes both the computer and the hardware to fail. Now what?

cloud backup

This is why the invention of cloud computing has been hailed as a game changer in the way we backup, store and use data. If you aren’t familiar with the “cloud”, it is essentially an off-site data center where information can be stored and used. The introduction of cloud computing has broadened the possibilities of secure computing; with some companies electing to operate all of their machines entirely through the cloud, with others electing to simply use the cloud to store data. In fact cloud computing is so common it’s almost like that having a smart phone you are taking advantage of it without even knowing!

Allstate Information Management is proud to offer one of the most robust cloud computing solutions available to businesses of all sizes. But you might still be wondering; “how does cloud computing help me and my business? Why should I care?” There are quite a few answers to both of those questions;

  • Cloud computing allows for non-invasive, offsite backup and recovery of one, two, or every computer in your office. What’s more, we can even schedule automatic backups to occur to the cloud just as if it were a local server.
  • Having an off-site backup is a whole new level of security – no amount of physical damage to your office can destroy your data, and our data center is well secured and monitored 24/7.
  • Our system is capable of producing and sending a status report daily, ensuring that your data is secure at all times.
  • You don’t have to worry about the costs of purchasing, setting up, and maintaining an in-house backup server. Our cloud backup systems alleviate all of the maintenance work required in such systems, and help to lower overall costs.

Cloud backups and computing are amazing innovations that are secure, easy to use and accessible from literally anywhere. If your business is looking to take advantage of the cloud, but isn’t sure where to start, contact us today to help tailor a solution best suited for your storage and accessibility needs.

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