Forget Your Office Shredder: Allow the Professionals to Shred Your Documents

By now I think it’s safe to say that the majority of companies understand the risks of improper document disposal habits; in a time where information theft is increasing at a concerning rate, it’s necessary your company is implementing the necessary precautions that keep your clients, employees, and business secured.  Any record whether related to marketing goals, budgetary outlines, contracts, or client files, must be protected at all times. This sensitive information is extremely confidential and if shared with the outside public mistakenly, it could provide an individual with enough tools to carry out information theft. Always shred these records thoroughly for your security and to remain in compliance with state and federal privacy legislation. If documents are exposed due to lack of proper disposal, your company could very well be found liable with your reputation on the line; no company wants to face financial penalties or negative word of mouth.

Perhaps you’re currently using an office shredder already. Of course, this is far more effective than failing to shred entirely, but asking your employees to look after this job can be more difficult and risky than you would likely think.

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Why is Professional Document Shredding the Way to Go? Here are Just a Few Reasons:

Save Money:  An office shredder while seemingly convenient is not a viable solution from a financial standpoint. When you need to perform regular document destruction, you’ll quickly notice your internal costs going up with time. Office shredders require operation number one, which takes your employees away from their job routine; office shredders are also not equipped or designed to perform large quantities of shredding, and because of this you’ll likely run into paper jams, breakdowns, and other problems which will force you to purchase a replacement. When you factor each of these components in, you’re probably going to lose more money than it’s worth.  Time is money after all; each time you remove an employee from their individual job tasks, you are using up valuable time. A professional shredding provider like Allstate Information Management in New Jersey is more than pleased to provide you with savings. Our solutions are cost-effective and backed by quality work you can depend on.

Certified Shredding:  Unlike document destruction that is performed in-office, a professional shredding provider guarantees certified documentation at the end of each shred job which outlines all aspects of the destruction process were completed securely and in total compliance. When document shredding is performed with an office shredder, it’s very rarely recorded which could leave you in legal limbo if documents were missed or mistakenly disposed of. It’s important that you comply with key legislation such as FACTA/HIPAA to ensure you’re entirely secure. You don’t want to be faced with issues down the road if you should be audited. Save yourself money, headache, and stress by hiring a New Jersey organization that specializes in information management and destruction. Allstate Information Management provides compliant document shredding services that follow a strict chain of custody.

Screened and Background Checked Employees: Nobody wants to consider the idea of untrustworthy staff, and requesting a staff member to shred documents may seem easy enough, right?  The screening process is an important one in the word of document destruction. Professional companies do a detailed background check on individuals prior to hiring, while not every business is quite as thorough. Unless you work in information protection as well, chances are your employees have not been screened in the same manner. While this isn’t always a concern, there is still room for it, specifically in the form of employment fraud.  With this in mind, you may be taking a risk asking an employee to do this job for you. The team at Allstate Information Management places all specialists’ under a criminal record check. Our professionals are skilled, highly qualified individuals that have a great deal of experience in offering safe and secure document shredding.

Shredding that is Monitored: Document shredding that is handled internally can be challenging to manage and monitor. Most of the time your employees are swamped as it is, that you likely don’t have the resources to pull away an extra team member for assistance. The issue? Sometimes if an employee knows they aren’t under careful supervision while shredding, they may not complete the job, or may toss records in the recycling bin instead to speed up the process; again, this may or may not occur but your security is not worth playing with.  A simple mistake can be quite costly to your company. When you partner with Allstate Information Management, you are free to watch your material get shredded from the beginning of the process through until completion, directly at our facility.

State of the Art Security: Allstate Information Management will provide you with locked bins that can be placed at your place of business for easy disposal. Information remains untouched and protected from exposure until it is collected by one of our team members. Office shredders don’t provide the same level of security because sensitive records are usually still left piled up on desks and on top of cabinets. This exposure can quickly lead to lost or stolen records, which can in turn negatively impact your business.

Allstate Information Management provides industry-leading document destruction services that are completed at our secure facility, using highly advanced equipment for shredding you can rely on. We also provide convenient residential, drop-off shredding for those that are interested in purging old documents in their home.

Reach out to our professional team for further details and if interested, for a free non-obligation quote.

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