Professional Associations: Who We Work With & Why It Matters To You

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Allstate Information Management is proud to be a member of many professional associations; assuring our services meet the highest and most stringent standards. We are proud members of numerous professional associations. To illustrate why this matters to our customers, here are some brief summaries of just a few groups we belong to:


PRISM International is the global trade association for information management companies. According to its website the goal of the association is to be an essential business resource for member companies, their employees, and the marketplace in the global information management industry through education, advocacy, industry promotion, and networking. The organization is a non-for-profit corporation and serves members in more than 60 countries around the world. PRISM and its members (including Allstate Information Management) adhere to a self-proclaimed value statement and code of ethics. The association was founded in the mid 1990’s and continues to promote secure service in the information management industry.



Similar to PRISM, NAID is also a global professional trade association. NAID specializes in the information destruction industry, and promotes a certification program which includes random auditing and continuous monitoring of member company operations. The association seeks to ensure that members operate in line with several key legislations such as HIPAA, FACTA and HITECH in the US. NAID’s AAA certification is subject to many different regulations. NAID was founded in 1994 and continues its operations across the globe to date.



The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) was founded in 1971 with the goal of providing support to professionals involved in the management of various different legal institutions including law firms, government and corporate legal agencies and more. The association seeks to assist members with identifying problems and providing solutions to operational challenges faced by administrators in the legal industry. ALA has almost 9000 members spread across 30 different countries.



The American Records Management Association is a not-for-profit international professional association for the records management industry. It was established in 1955 and members include records and information managers, information governance professionals, archivists, corporate librarians and more. ARMA offers resources to its members, typically consisting of updates on relevant regulations and legislation, standards and best practices, marketplace news and analysis and much more. The association publishes its own e-magazine known as “Information Management”, and develops and publishes standards and guidelines related to records management. Allstate Information Management is a member of the Metro NYC and Northern New Jersey chapters.

Allstate Information Management is a proud member of these associations and more. Our team is always seeking to improve our practices, and our membership to these reputed professional associations, reaffirms our commitment to providing the highest quality service possible in the industry. We receive constantly updated resources from these associations that allow us to learn about new trends, vulnerabilities, and products to offer as they become available. Ultimately this means higher quality service for you! If you or your business is looking for committed information management services, Allstate offers archive storage, data storage, scanning, secure document destruction and more. Contact us today!

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