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HDD vs. Cloud vs. Tape: Which Storage Medium Should Your Business Use?

If your business deals with meaningful amounts of data, it’s likely that at some point you have wondered which storage method is the best. While the answer to that generally varies by the business, the nature of the data and the needs surrounding the data, a good place to start is to gain an understanding […]

March 15th, 2019 by AllState Information Management

Understanding the Benefits of Document Scanning

Scanning paper documents has become relatively commonplace in many workplaces across New Jersey and the rest of the United States. Surprisingly however, many people do not fully consider the benefits of maintaining a robust document scanning regimen or understand how document scanning can help your business make it through the toughest of times. Data Reliance […]

February 24th, 2019 by AllState Information Management

FACTA and Red Flags Rule – Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve read our blog posts before you might have seen mention of the term “FACTA” sprinkled around. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) is a federal law in the United States that was passed into law in late 2003. The staple feature of FACTA was the allowance of American consumers to receive […]

January 15th, 2019 by AllState Information Management

Make Sure Your Law Firm Is Storing Information Securely

New and veteran lawyers all understand the importance of secure document storage, and proper information management. If it hasn’t been made clear in the various federal legislation that outline the regulations and punishments for information management breaches (such as FACTA and HIPAA), then it’s apparent in the sheer amount of documents and data that lawyers […]

November 28th, 2018 by AllState Information Management

Here’s Why Cloud Storage Is Taking Off

The “cloud” has become a common term in consumer technology today, and it’s likely that you’ve heard the term in reference to smart phones and some computer programs. Cloud storage has taken the consumer and business world by storm, and for very good reason. The concept behind cloud storage is believed to have originated from […]

October 26th, 2018 by AllState Information Management
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