Has Your Business Ever Considered Tape Storage?

tape storage

When most people think of backup solutions they tend to stray towards hard drives and document records storage. While these storage mediums are very effective for many (maybe most) businesses there is one other method of information storage that is commonly overlooked. Believe it or not, tape storage is still a very common method of information storage for several businesses, and in some cases it actually makes the most fiscal and practical sense.

Tape storage began in open reels and was generally considered the standard storage method for large computer systems through the late 1980’s. It was in the mid 1980’s that the tape cartridge was introduced to replace open reels. Today, magnetic tape cassettes remain a common storage method for some advanced and highly powerful computer systems.

There are several reasons for why tape continues to be a popular storage method for some applications that involve large amounts of data. One of the main factors behind the continued use of tape storage is data retention requirements that force certain organizations to hold data for a certain period of time, or indefinitely. Tape storage is often used for archive data since tape cassettes tend to have long shelf lives, and readers and cassettes tend to be more durable than hard drives.

The cost of cassettes results in a low price per gigabyte, which also contributes to making tape a sensible medium for mass data storage. Tape drives also use a significant amount less energy than hard drives, since tape cassettes do not always need to be spinning when not in use. This also contributes to the longer shelf life of tape cassettes. Tape cassettes can carry large amounts of data per cassette; sometimes upwards of 6 terabytes!

Tape is also a relatively portable form for storage. Even with Allstate’s highly secure data storage facility, you can be more confident with your information due to tapes relatively high durability in motion.

It’s clear that tape has a surprising amount of benefits even over more modern forms for data storage. While some might expect tape to be on the way out or gone, the reality is that tape is very much still present, and there are few indications of it going away anytime soon.

Allstate maintains FIRELOCK™ vault systems designed to protect and maintain the integrity of tape film itself, ensuring your data stays safe. If your business is looking to alter its information management system to store more data, or if you’re in need of a new tape storage management solution, or maybe are looking to assistance on where to start with tape storage, contact the experts at Allstate Information management to find out more about our tape management and storage services.


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