Here’s Why Cloud Storage Is Taking Off

Storing your information up on the network is reliable and accessible

The “cloud” has become a common term in consumer technology today, and it’s likely that you’ve heard the term in reference to smart phones and some computer programs. Cloud storage has taken the consumer and business world by storm, and for very good reason.

The concept behind cloud storage is believed to have originated from the 1960’s and expanded further in early development of the internet. The first entirely web-based cloud storage services came around during the mid 1990’s.

Cloud storage offers several unique benefits over more traditional storage mediums. For starters, cloud storage servers are usually managed by third parties (such as us!) This means that for a small fee, or sometimes for no cost, users can store their data on an offsite server with little maintenance required on their part.

The nature of data living on an off-site server is also strongly appealing to many businesses with sensitive data storage needs. Cloud storage allows organizations to store and sync multiple copies of information across storage devices in remote and multiple locations. This means that servers can be located in highly secure environments where they can be protected from burglary, vandalism and natural disasters, to name a few.

Collaboration is another area that cloud storage has significantly improved. Having a storage medium that is accessible across the globe makes it easier for coworkers and clients to work on the same project or file while keeping everything up to date and synced. Many cloud storage services also consistently backup changes to files so that they can be reverted instantly if needed.

For individuals, cloud storage provides benefits in the form of space (cloud storage services come in a wide variety of low cost capacities that are usually plenty for consumer.) Sharing files is easy and, contrary to some belief, cloud storage is a very secure storage medium.

In addition to the physical safety advantages of cloud storage, advanced software security features are also employed on many cloud servers to ensure that data is truly secure. Encryption techniques for cloud servers have helped them become some of, if not the most secure storage mediums available.

Allstate IM offers cloud storage services that can automatically back-up computer systems or networks. Our cloud solutions mean that your business can avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaining expensive on-site storage systems. With 24/7 data access and system monitoring, you can rest assured that your data is secure with our state of the art systems.

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