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How Mobile Paper Shredding Can Put You Ahead of the Competition

For many companies, the task of information disposal is precisely that: a task. It’s grouped together with trash collection, cleaning services, or a once-a-year spring cleaning ordeal. What these companies fail to realize is that mobile paper shredding isn’t just a solution to a problem. It can also be an effective marketing tool, a way to set yourself apart from your competition, and leave you with more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

It Guarantees Legal Compliance – Which Is a Selling Point for You

No matter whether you work in healthcare, law, or financial services, you’re likely dealing with the immensely personal, private details of hundreds of clients on a daily basis. Due to the confidential nature of this information, these industries all have specific requirements for the disposal of unneeded records or papers containing personally identifiable information (PII).

A mobile paper shredding service is convenient, yes, but it’s also fully compliant with all federal and state laws regarding the disposal of confidential information. This protects your business and eliminates the stress of figuring out how to do it in-house or on your own, but it also comes with a unique selling point: you have taken the steps to guarantee your customers’ safety and privacy according to the highest legal standards.

This is something that you can actively use in your own marketing materials to further distinguish yourself from the competition.

It Conveys to Your Customers That You Take Their Business Seriously

Let’s assume for a moment that you do not operate in an industry with exacting legal requirements for the disposal of customer records. Perhaps, instead, you own a chain of flower shops. You’re in steep competition with a competitor, who offers roughly the same products and services that you do.

However, you have one edge on them that you advertise to your customers: any personal information for one-time orders or orders placed by telephone will be disposed of via professional, mobile paper shredding.

This serves two purposes. The first is to set you apart from your competition, as mentioned in the previous section. The second is a personal statement from you to your customers: we value your business and the trust you place in us, and we take your privacy seriously. It’s a reassurance that not all businesses offer, and it’s a demonstration of your commitment to your clientele.

Can your competition say the same? Better yet – can they show it?

It Saves Money and Makes Your Business More Efficient

Shredding in-house is possible, certainly, but at a price. An office shredder that will perform the job you want at a quality you require typically costs around several thousand dollars, not including maintenance, repairs, and the time that must be allocated from an employee to run it regularly.

By contrast, a mobile or one-time paper shredding visit typically only takes a few minutes and can process thousands of pounds of paper for a fraction of the cost required to perform the same task on company time.

You will also notice an immediate improvement in your daily workflow. Instead of sequestering papers in a file cabinet or on a table in the storage room, you and your employees will be able to work undeterred by trips to the shredder or working around stacks of old binders. For clients who require regularly scheduled shredding, we’re happy to provide a variety of secure collection containers, which can be used as a means of locking storage for confidential papers until your shredding appointment.

Protecting Your Information Since 1989

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