Make Sure Your Law Firm Is Storing Information Securely

Ensure your information is stored to compliance

New and veteran lawyers all understand the importance of secure document storage, and proper information management. If it hasn’t been made clear in the various federal legislation that outline the regulations and punishments for information management breaches (such as FACTA and HIPAA), then it’s apparent in the sheer amount of documents and data that lawyers manage on a daily basis. From wills to confidential business and estate agreements, law offices across the country rely on the services of reliable, secure and accessible physical document storage and management.

Confidentiality is a major component in law. This is why many legal offices across the country employ the services of professional document shredders and storage services. Determining how best to use these services requires planning and implementation of an office-wide information management and protection policy that tailors to your law firm or office’s needs. This is a plan that provides employees with guidelines on where they can find information, how they must handle any information they have, and whether a document needs to be stored safely or destroyed.

Our years of expertise and experience in the industry has given us some knowledge on ways to generate and implement these kinds of protocols. Here are some tips for your law firm or workplace to consider;

  • Create a team to manage the policy. Dedicate a group of employees to discussing, creating and implementing the policy office-wide. Ideally this group will be made of employees from across the workplace so as to boost internal control as much as possible.
  • Review the law. Ensure that your team reviews the laws carefully; what documents need to be kept, and for how long? Which need to be destroyed? Knowing your obligations is vital.
  • Consider the nature of your workplace. Does your firm often generate documents that need to be sent to secure storage? How should those documents be handled until they reach their destination? What are your accessibility needs?
  • Communicate the policy. This one is important. Making sure employees not only know about the policy, but why it exists and why it is important to follow is crucial to ensuring that it is abided by. Clear language and description, and accessible communication channels are key.

Successful law firms implement the services of professional shredding services and document management services. Allstate maintains a highly secured document storage facility equipped with video recording, burglar and fire alarms, and in-rack sprinkler systems to maintain the safety of your documents.

If your New Jersey law firm is ready to get serious about information protection, contact our team today. Our service area is always growing!

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