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Our History

information-management-secure-storage-facilityOur headquarters complex was originally built for and operated by the “Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Company” that manufactured and tested airplane engines before and during WWII.

The facility is bomb shelter like and features originally explosion proof chambers where the B-17 bomber engines were tested. These same explosion proof chambers have been converted to Archive Vaults for the ultimate in protection for your critical business files.

The engines for the Spirit of St. Louis and the Enola Gay were built and tested here, making the former use of our buildings an important part of the glory and security of America’s past.

AIM has been protecting information assets since 1989. From our humble beginnings in a 10’ x 20’ space, we’ve grown exponentially over the years. With the addition of our regional facility in Pennsauken, NJ, we now control close to 13 million cubic feet of secure storage space.