Allstate Information Management offers clients an unbeatable combination of services that makes us invaluable to them. We are in the business of storing, protecting and delivering their information assets while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality, security and professionalism.

Document Storage & Information Management

High-quality storage, retrieval and delivery options for all types of documents.

Imaging and Scanning

Client-tailored scanning – backfile digital conversion, image hosting, day forward and scan on demand.

Shredding & Destruction

NAID certified shredding – essential to keeping confidential information out of the wrong hands.

Archive Vault Storage

Specialized vault environments for storage of data, film and other media.

Tape and Data Vault Storage

FIRELOCK™ vault systems are specifically designed to protect digital and magnetic media by securing the vault chamber environment.

Media and Film Storage

The film & video vault walls are constructed of 12” poured, reinforced concrete.

Specialty Storage

Allstate Information Management provides climate controlled storage solutions for additional protection over your precious, and temperature sensitive belongings.

Cloud Back-up and Storage

Keeping your data protected offsite and easily accessible.

Data Breach Reporting

Under various data protection laws in 100+ countries & 47 states, a business MUST proactively report actual or suspected data loss within 24-72 hours.

Records Consulting

Helping you find the best information management strategy and practices.

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