Allstate archive vault storage services are designed to provide clients with the ultimate solution in secure storage. When your needs surpass the general records storage criteria, our vault storage services will pull through.

Storage Designed for Your Most Sensitive Items

Although Allstate record storage services are amongst the most secure in the land, we recognize that some documents or items demand extra care and attention to ensure that they are stored safely. Allstate’s highly secure storage facility provides two different vault options for clients to select:

Archive Vault Type I

For vital or historical documents, and/or those kept more than 10 years, our Type I vault walls are 12 inches of poured, reinforced concrete. Each vault has its own HVAC unit along with a Munter’s desiccant dehumidification system which allows a finite environment.

Additionally, all our alarm and HVAC systems in each vault are on a backup generator and an electronic monitor and alarm system specifically for the environment. We utilize a fire suppression system and a UL Class 350-4 Hour Fire Vault Door with an inner fire door at the entrance. A combination dial on the vault and proximity reader tracks users and prevents unauthorized access.

Archive Vault Type II

In addition to the Type I features, this vault offers an FM-200 fire suppression system. This effectively detects and extinguishes fires within seconds while leaving no harmful or messy residue to your business documents and stored media. Therefore, this vault is sufficient for non-nitrate film, original artworks, x-rays, negatives or electronic/magnetic media.

We Have The Right Service Package For You!

Why Choose Allstate?

For nearly 30 years AIM has been helping clients across New Jersey and New York City store and protect a huge variety of items from documents and records to fine art, wines and rare books. Our team of storage and security professionals know how to protect even your most precious and valued items with great care.

Our years of experience have also helped us become involved with industry associations including PRISM, ARMA and NAID. Our years of involvement with all these associations, among many others, have provided us with industry insight and expertise to ensure that our policies are constantly enforced, assessed and updated. We take great pride in our ongoing efforts to ensure that client belongings are secured no matter the circumstances.

Client Bill of Rights

We believe that our customers deserve the highest quality services available. To reinforce this belief, we created our client bill of rights which outlines the rights that all Allstate clients are entitled to. Allstate strives to provide the best service in the industry, and our bill of rights for clients is a testament to our ambition of fulfilling that goal.

Wondering How It Works?

Watch Our Video Explaining Our Process And Secure Facilities.