Allstate Information Management’s document storage and management services help businesses, residents and other organizations reclaim their work or living space, and secure their physical records with reliable and secure off-site storage.

We Are In The Business Of Helping Your Business

Professional document storage from Allstate can help your business secure important physical documents while providing you with easy access to key records when you need them.

For many organizations, keeping a physical record of key documents is just a necessity and part of day to day operations. While the push to go paperless is feasible for some businesses, others simply cannot operate in such a manner for a variety of different reasons; some relating to the law. Unfortunately, this can also force businesses into filling their workplaces with space-consuming filing cabinets, and can leave documents in vulnerable places where they are susceptible to damage or unauthorized viewing.

The Allstate Experience

Our records storage services are made to be easy for your business by keeping your information accessible when you need it and secure when you don’t. We can come directly to your workplace to collect and deliver documents as requested.

Once your documents are with us, we provide customizable web access free of charge, 24/7. For delivery requests, we provide standard next-day service. For emergencies, we can make deliveries within hours.

High Tech Security System

Our buildings feature electronic access, digital video recording, burglar and fire alarms. We also feature various fire suppression systems such as in-rack sprinklers to help ensure that your information is stored safely.

Proper Environment

The entire complex is temperature controlled, with fresh air forced ventilation and exhaust in warmer months, and heating when it’s cooler outside. This environment suits most general business records being stored 10 years or less.

Solid Construction

Our massive 600,000 square foot headquarters complex was built tough and was engineered to build and test heavy aircraft engines. Steel, brick, and concrete were used throughout.

Extra Level Of Security

For vital and historical documents or film, check out our environmentally controlled Archive Vaults.

Client Delivery And Access

At Allstate Information Management, the accessibility of your assets are just as important as their protection. AIM prides itself on delivering what you need, when you need it – 24/7/365 by providing you with a highly trained locally established customer service team coupled with a state of the art web portal – AIMSync. All this is designed to ensure a world class records information experience.

We Pick-up And Deliver

We pick up and deliver your information using our company owned fleet of modern vehicles and uniformed, bonded personnel.

24/7 Web access

Once your documents are with Allstate Information Management, we provide client-customizable web access 24/7, free of charge.

Next Day Delivery

We provide next-day standard delivery of your documents and emergency delivery within hours – all right to your doorstep.

Our State Of The Art Storage Facility

Allstate is headquartered in a building that originally served as a manufacturing and testing facility for airplane engines before and during WWII. This bomb-shelter-like building contains converted explosion proof chambers which are now used for the protection of critical business files. Overall we control nearly 13 million cubic feet of secure storage space.

Trust The Team With Experience And Take Back Your Office Space Today!

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We Are Compliant

We are regularly audited by regulatory compliance officers and our high standards allow us to meet, or in most cases exceed their expectations. Allstate Information Management is familiar with HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, GLB, FDA, and FACTA.

Wondering About Document Storage & Information Management

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