We can help you convert your documents to digital format with our imaging and scanning services. Our document imaging team can analyze your needs and discuss options with you. Together we can determine the best course of action, whether it is a backfile conversion, image hosting, day forward or scan on demand.

Digitize Your Physical Documents & Records With Allstate’s Imaging Services.

More and more organizations have begun taking advantage of document imaging services to improve the efficiency, security and accessibility of their data. If your office is loaded with filing cabinets, and your employees consistently refer to information within these cabinets, you could be losing a significant amount of valuable work time to just locating information.

Allstate’s imaging services can help your employees find information faster, and secure your information more effectively. No matter whether you have paper or microfilm records, we can help.

Free Up Office Space.
Access Your Data Whenever You Like.

By converting your paper documents to digital format, you can benefit from not only freeing up valuable office space for revenue-generating purposes, but now your information is available quickly and easily from your computer!

How Allstate’s Imaging Services Work?

Our service makes it easy for your workplace to ditch those paper documents! We can help you convert your documents to digital format with our imaging services. Our document imaging team can analyze your needs and discuss options with you. Together we can determine the best course of action, whether it is a backfile conversion, image hosting, day forward or scan on demand.

We Pick-up Your Documents

We will pick up and transport your documents to our scanning center where the documents will be prepped, scanned and either stored or delivered back to you. You can view them electronically whenever needed.

We Convert

We can convert all your assorted document types into digital format – from maps, blueprints, books, letter or legal docs and any other document – just ask us how!

Who Are Imaging Services For?

Simply put, anyone! Document imaging comes with meaningful benefits that many businesses, big and small, can enjoy and take advantage of:

Easy & Less Costly Access To Information

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you required a document, but did not have immediate access to it? This is a common occurrence in many workplaces, and it often results in having to spend time locating the document, and re-file it once finished. Having an electronic copy of your document means that you can access it from anywhere, anytime; a huge boost to efficiency.

Easy Document Sharing

Electronic copies of documents are far easier to share and view from multiple locations at separate times, or even at the same time. Imaging allows for documents to be shared and viewed instantly across the hallway or across the ocean.

Secure Backup

Having an electronic copy of your files means that they can be stored and backed up in a secure location while occupying very minimal space (for example, a single hard drive can contain millions of pages of data). Using imaging to create electronic copies of files means that you can take advantage of local or cloud backup services to create multiple secure backups, so you can rest assured knowing that your data is safe; even under the most pressing circumstances.

Protect Data From Unauthorized Eyes

A huge benefit that electronic copies provide for some businesses is the ability to set viewing and editing permissions on who can access and edit certain documents. While anyone in your office space can pull a file from a filing cabinet, setting permissions on computer files means that only authorized users can access those files. Document imaging can improve the security of your data by allowing you to make sure that non-authorized users cannot access certain files.

We Can Convert All Your Assorted Document Types Into Digital Format.

Why Trust Allstate IM With Your Imaging Project?

Allstate has been information assets for nearly 20 years. Our team is amongst the most experienced in the land, and operates in a facility with state of the art security and backup technology.

Imaging equipment is extremely expensive, and operating it efficiently requires immense skill and training. Don’t tie up valuable employee hours with document imaging; make sure the job is done efficiently and properly by trusting your project with the experts at Allstate.

Start Your Trek Towards A Paperless Office Today!

Our team is only a click or call away from helping you get started on ditching paper, regaining your office space, and making your office more efficient!

Professional Document Scanning Services From Allstate

Ever wish you could get rid of those stacks of boxes full of paper documents? Wish those filing cabinets didn’t take up so much of your office space? Professional document scanning from Allstate may help you find the solution to those (and many more) issues!

With organizations, consumers and businesses increasing their use of computers and smartphones in day-to-day operations and tasks, a push to move away from paper documents has sparked the need for dedicated document scanning services that are fast and effective. Allstate’s professional document scanning services can help you create an accessible online archive of your paper records and documents.

Why Scan Your Documents?

Having electronic copies of your records brings many benefits, from employee interaction, to data accessibility and security:

  • Easy & better collaboration – Electronic copies of documents are very easy to share, and many modern cloud services make it possible for many users to view and edit a single document from anywhere at the same time.
  • Reduced clutter; More office space – having a digital archive of your files means that you no longer need to keep all of those filing cabinets in your office. Digital copies of documents can be stored securely, and physical documents can be removed from your workspace and into a secure storage facility.
  • Improved security – Electronic documents can be subject to a variety of security measures, and having them live in a computer server instead of on a desk decreases the likelihood of their contents being seen by an unauthorized viewer. Electronic documents can also be subjected to permissions settings, so that only certain users can view their contents.
  • Lowered risk of damage or data loss – Digital documents are impossible to physically damage, unlike their paper counterparts. This is especially true when you take regular backups, or if you use a dedicated off-site backup service.

How It Works

Our team of imaging technicians makes it easy to scan your documents, no matter how many you might have!


We start by picking up your documents for scanning, so you don’t have to worry about bringing them to us.


Once they arrive at our scanning centre, they are prepped and scanned.


After scanning, they are either stored in our secure warehouse (should you chose to take advantage of our records storage service), or will be delivered back to you.


Your documents can be viewed and accessed as needed from anywhere!

Why Trust Allstate With Your Scanning Project?

With Allstate, you can rest assured knowing that you are working with a team that will go to great lengths to respect the privacy of your documents, and get the job done efficiently and properly.

Being active in PRISM, NAID and ARMA, we at Allstate know and understand the extreme importance of data security and privacy. Our technicians are always kept up to date on the latest in industry and security trends, legislation changes and security protocols. We go to great lengths before, during and after your service to ensure that your documents remain secure and that confidential information remains confidential.