Broadcasters, video, and film studios — you know how much goes into creating your art, what would you feel like if one day it was lost or damaged? At Allstate Information Management, we’re here every single day ensuring your footage never comes to harm, and is retrievable 24/7.

Climate Controlled Vaults

The film & video vault walls are constructed of 12” poured, reinforced concrete. Dedicated fire sprinkler systems protect the packaged film and video assets. Each vault has its own HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit along with a Munter’s desiccant dehumidification system which allows the finite climate control range required when protecting and preserving film and video assets. The entrance itself is protected with a UL Class 350-4 hour fire vault door with a combination dial lock and an inner fire door.

FIRELOCK™ Vault Systems

FIRELOCK™ vault systems are specifically designed to protect digital and magnetic media by securing the vault chamber environment and preventing factors such as these from jeopardizing the integrity of the media being stored. FIRELOCK™ vaults are engineered to address the challenges presented by today’s technologies, corporate facilities, and ways of doing business. Allstate has FIRELOCK™ vaults at all locations.

Do what you do best every day and leave us your valuable legacy to protect.


Your valuable assets are bar-coded for ease of retrieval and 24/7 access. Each step your item takes is recorded by state-of-the-art laser scanning technology, and we provide you with scanner validated pickup and delivery.

Customer Service

Our record tracking system ensures that your footage is just a friendly phone call away. We operate 24/7 to provide around-the-clock access to your film and video, ensuring the footage you need is available the very next business day at the latest. Emergency delivery requests can be accommodated within two hours of your request. Live support is available any time, day or night to answer your questions or provide technical support.

We know what type of deadlines you are faced with and we will have it ready or deliver it to you via our truck fleet and provide you with a receipt.

We Are Compliant

We are regularly audited by regulatory compliance officers and our high standards allow us to meet, or in most cases exceed their expectations. Allstate Information Management is familiar with HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, GLB, FDA, and FACTA.

Why Choose Allstate Information Management?

Protecting your information assets since 1989

We provide emergency service within 2 hours 24/7/365

Next business day service

We promise the highest level of customer service

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