Tape and Data Vault Storage

Tape & Data Vault Storage

When you require the highest level of protection for your computer backups, you need the FIRELOCK™ Vault System.

Why You Need Offsite Data Storage

Today’s digital information is typically stored on a server somewhere, even if they’re in “the cloud”. Eventually, though, they typically end up on tape. These backup tapes hold a tremendous amount of data and it is imperative that they be stored offsite as part of your Disaster Recovery Plan. According to recent statistics, 71% of companies who experience a fire or other disaster never recover from the loss, and/or completely fail within three years. By utilizing our service, we can help you greatly minimize this risk, and with our bonded couriers, we can get your tapes to you at a moment’s notice.

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FIRELOCK™ Vault Systems

FIRELOCK™ vault systems are specifically designed to protect digital and magnetic media by securing the vault chamber environment and preventing excessive temperatures from jeopardizing the integrity of the media being stored. FIRELOCK™ vaults are engineered to address the challenges presented by today’s technologies, corporate facilities, and ways of doing business. Allstate has FIRELOCK™ vaults at all locations.

Instant and accessible Cloud backup and storage

AIM’s cloud storage solutions allow you to backup and restore your information anywhere, anytime. You are always in the loop; letting you manage information as you see fit.

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