Allstate provides reliable tape & data vault storage that you can count on to keep your data safe under even the harshest conditions.

Why You Need Offsite Data Storage?

Today’s digital information is typically stored on a server somewhere, even if they’re in “the cloud”. Eventually, though, they typically end up on tape. These backup tapes hold a tremendous amount of data and it is imperative that they be stored offsite as part of your Disaster Recovery Plan. According to recent statistics, 71% of companies who experience a fire or other disaster never recover from the loss, and/or completely fail within three years. By utilizing our service, we can help you greatly minimize this risk, and with our bonded couriers, we can get your tapes to you at a moment’s notice.

FIRELOCK™ Vault Systems

FIRELOCK™ vault systems are specifically designed to protect digital and magnetic media by securing the vault chamber environment and preventing factors such as these from jeopardizing the integrity of the media being stored. FIRELOCK™ vaults are engineered to address the challenges presented by today’s technologies, corporate facilities, and ways of doing business. Allstate has FIRELOCK™ vaults at all locations.

Client Bill of Rights

Allstate Information Management ‘s cloud storage solutions allow you to backup and restore your information anywhere, anytime. You are always in the loop; letting you manage information as you see fit.

Disaster Recovery: How Offsite Tape & Data Storage Could Save Your Business

Many business owners and managers are well aware of the importance of maintaining a disaster plan, and ensuring that disaster recovery is not only possible, but also feasible, efficient and as smooth as possible. Many organizations across the world use off-site storage as a component of their disaster recovery plan because of the inherent benefits that come with storing contents off-site.

A key component of any disaster recovery plan is addressing how to protect data in such a way that it can be recovered and referenced as needed after a major disaster event. Far too many businesses fail to recompose after major disaster events simply because they did not take the appropriate action to backup their data in a secure manner, and lost all of their important information needed to pick back up and continue on. When it comes to making a disaster plan, your best bet is to keep copies of critical data in multiple geographical locations with at least one being heavily monitored, secured and designed to withstand harsh conditions and disaster situations.

Offsite data storage with Allstate IM can help you achieve exactly that. With a state-of-the-art records and media storage facility, and in-house FIRELOCK™ vault systems, we have the means, knowledge and experience needed to keep your tape and electronic data secured.

Allstate Has Your Back

With a state of the art facility and highly trained and experience team of data storage experts, you can be confident that we have your businesses back when it comes to data protection. Being active with professional associations in data management, storage and destruction, our team is always up to date on the latest in policy and protocol changes, as well as on industry and security trends.

With reliable access to data and available cloud storage services, you can rest assured knowing that your data is protected while remaining accessible to your business when you need it.

Trust The Professionals To Take Care Of Your Tapes & Data Storage

Preparing an inhouse storage solution for tape drives and other data sources can be extremely costly and complicated. Consequently, many businesses trust their on-site data storage solutions to protect their data under any circumstances. Far too often, this is just not a feasible approach to truly protecting your data.

Don’t let your business fall into a position of not being able to pull up data when it is needed. The team at Allstate is ready to help protect your businesses valuable tapes and data devices with secure off-site storage that is reliable, accessible and cost-effective.

Why You Need Offsite Data Storage?

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