When you need to clear out papers or documents, Allstate Information Management’s off-site shredding service can collect and safely discard your items at our secure facility. It’s a fast, reliable, and secure way to get rid of your documents.

What is Off-Site Shredding?

Off-site shredding refers to shredding that occurs at our off-site location – that is, in our secure shredding facility. Customers who choose this service generally aren’t concerned with visually confirming that their documents have been shred; they understand the rigorous work we’ve put into creating our secure shredding process, and want their documents gone so they can continue with their daily tasks.

How Does Off-Site Shredding Work?

Arranging an off-site shredding appointment is as easy as calling our front office. A tracked and secure truck will be dispatched to your location, and one of our uniformed technicians will collect the items you’ve designated for shredding (we shred both paper documents and e-media). Once the items have been deposited inside the truck, they will be delivered back to our facility, where we will promptly see to their destruction and recycling. You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction as verification of where your items went and how they were processed.

How to Prepare for Off-Site Shredding

  • Discuss the appointment with Allstate’s scheduling staff to determine the ideal time for your shredding, as well as any special requests or safety policies that should be followed.
  • Collect the documents you would like shredded. If you have a cardboard box or a banker’s box, this is generally ideal.
    • Don’t worry about any rubber bands, staples, or paper clips. Our shredders are more than capable of getting through those, and the remains will be sorted out from the paper later. 
    • We do ask that you remove documents from heavier items like binders.
  • When your shredding technician arrives, simply point out the papers you would like to be removed. They’ll take care of the rest.

Say Goodbye to Old Papers Today!

We Recycle All Shredded Paper!

Did you know that 1 ton of recycled shred paper saves: