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Specialty Storage

Collectors — you know how much effort goes into creating your collection; whether it be fine art, film, video, or antiques, what would you feel like if one day it was lost or damaged? At Allstate Information Management, we are here every single day ensuring your collection is never harmed and is retrievable 24/7.

Climate Controlled Storage Vaults

Allstate Information Management provides climate controlled storage solutions for additional protection over your precious, and temperature sensitive belongings. These vaults offer temperature and humidity controlled archival storage, designed for the permanent preservation of valuable belongings.

Our offsite data storage vaults offer secure storage for items including:

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Why Does it Matter?

For several keepsakes such as artwork and electronic media, environmental control of the vault’s interior is necessary. AIM provides special fine art storage services that include quality, art crating solutions for the best possible protection.

Failing to provide a storage space that can be altered in temperature, will eventually cause degradation of your stored belongings; this can occur both physically and chemically. Aside from temperature, it’s important to store these items in a storage space with quality air, controlled to rid of any damaging pollutants and oxidants. Temperature and humidity levels will vary based on what particular items you’ll be storing with us, but AIM will assist you with your particular requirements, selecting a storage vault appropriate to the specifications of what you’re storing.

Secure Vault Protection

Our Specialty Storage vault walls are constructed of 12”- poured, reinforced concrete and feature dedicated fire suppression systems to protect your collection from the threat of fire. Each vault has its own HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) unit along with a dehumidification system which allows the ideal environmental control range. The entrance itself is protected with a UL Class 350-4 hour fire vault door with an inner fire door. We offer private or public vaults to fit any budget and ensure the right storage environment.


Your assets are bar-coded for ease of tracking and 24/7 access on our free online tracking program. Each step your item takes is recorded by state-of-the-art technology to provide you the audit trails. We also provide you with scanner validated pickup and delivery receipts with our bonded couriers and GPS tracked vehicles.

Customer Service

Our online tracking system ensures that your collection is just a simple request away. We operate 24/7 to provide around-the-clock access, ensuring availability when you demand it! We will have it ready or deliver it to you at your convenience.

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