Understanding the Benefits of Document Scanning

Scanning paper documents has become relatively commonplace in many workplaces across New Jersey and the rest of the United States. Surprisingly however, many people do not fully consider the benefits of maintaining a robust document scanning regimen or understand how document scanning can help your business make it through the toughest of times.

Data Reliance

No matter the industry, businesses rely on data to maintain operations. Many businesses also maintain critical records; some of which remain in paper form. Such documents might include contracts, budgets, invoices or legal records. Having a reproducible, secured copy of such information can be the make or break for many businesses. This is where document scanning can help.

Electronic copies of sensitive records enable them to be reproduced easily, especially when they are backed up properly. Electronic copies of documents are also easily accessible when stored and configured properly, meaning that less time is spent organizing and locating documents, and more time is spent getting the job done.

Disaster Recovery

There is another case where document scanning can provide a significant advantage; disaster recovery. Unfortunately, accidents and natural disasters do happen, and they are events that business owners and managers need to consider in their information storage and retrieval protocols. The most challenging aspect of such disasters is that they often happen with very little warning; meaning that there is little to no time for last minute efforts to protect physical or non-archived data.

Sadly, because of the high frequency of such events many people don’t put much thought or consideration into what will happen in the event of a natural disaster or accident; according to the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) 60% of companies that face a substantial natural disaster will be forced to shut down. This alarming statistic should have business owners and managers putting serious consideration into the way they store and manage important paper documents.

Document Scanning is the Solution

Maintaining an electronic archive of scanned paper documents improves accessibility and security of important information. Regular scanning of important documents can help businesses save valuable hours looking for information, and can help businesses get back on their feet after an unexpected disaster or catastrophic event. With the ability to instantly locate and retrieve just about any document, document scanning should be a no-brainer for businesses operating in the age of modern technology.

We also have the ability to pick up your documents from your workplace directly. Once scanned, documents can be returned or put into storage at your discretion.

Talk to our team of experts to find out more about how document scanning can help your business. With the potential for significant cost savings and recovery following disaster, you might start wondering why you didn’t look into document scanning services sooner!

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