Allstate Information Management services many leading firms in many business sectors including law firms, defense contractors, healthcare facilities, numerous banks and financial institutions, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. We are the largest provider of archive services to New Jersey hospitals, servicing more than 50 throughout the state.

The following is by no means all-inclusive. Any firm with a need for records archiving or the storage of other valuable items would be a good fit for what we can offer—high security and ease of management and retrieval.

Law Firms

A document retention policy is standard procedure for most law firms, as failure to retain such records can create private or legal issues of malpractice. These records are kept for several years, if not for the lifetime of the client. 

Document storage allows you to reclaim space in the office while simultaneously ensuring the protection of these files.

Pharmaceutical Companies

There are many legal regulations in place guiding the retention and protection of pharamaceutical records and research papers.

Document storage is the ideal solution for records which are not frequently accessed, or which must be kept for legal purposes.

Financial Institutions

Those in the financial industry, such as banks, stock brokerages, and credit card companies, are entrusted with some of the most private and confidential details a customer can provide. 

As such, it’s absolutely vital to make sure that records are well-protected and can be reliably located when necessary.


Product stock lists, supplier information, and customer details are all regularly handled by retailers across the country. 

When office space grows scarce, document storage provides a safe and secure way to keep these records close and confidential.


The care and keeping of medical records is well-regulated, most famously by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. 

Whether it’s a paper chart or a patient x-ray, document storage allows medical records to be kept safely and retrieved when necessary.

Insurance Companies

Many insurance records must be kept for six years or longer, although this guideline depends largely on the nature of the document in question. 

Remove the risk of misplacing or damaging a valuable record with offsite document storage.

Defense Contractors

According to the stipulations currently in place by the United States government, it’s not unusual to be required to hold onto documents for four years or longer. 

Document storage can provide any level of security necessary, and if you need to access a record, it can be back in your possession as soon as the next day.

Accounting Firms

Maintaining accurate books can result in a lot of paperwork. Save time and money by outsourcing their organization and storage to a professional document storage facility, allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

Schools and Universities

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 provides students and their families with regulations to protect the privacy of educational records. 

Document storage is a well-organized, secure way to maintain many records for an extended period of time.

We Are Compliant

We are regularly audited by regulatory compliance officers and our high standards allow us to meet, or in most cases exceed their expectations. Allstate Information Management is familiar with HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, GLB, FDA, and FACTA.

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